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Let’s face it – if you’re investing in training, you want results!! We did too! We tried everything – different platforms, live events, webinars, and of course books… When we didn’t find it, we BUILT it!  Introducing RPOA - the first and only LIVE training program for insurance agencies where the topics are driven by YOU! 

Join us and the over 1,700 agents seeing bottom-line results  with our innovative  training  program!  Your team will be EXCITED to try our concepts and scripts and will  be  armed with the knowledge to deliver them with conviction and confidence. 

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“I’ve spent nearly 25 years in this business seeking that ONE thing that would work to get my team to WANT to get better and to get improved results for themselves. There were times where I felt like I wanted “it” more than they did. This has all changed since introducing daily role play to my team and now having all of our processes in one place.  We have written more policies than ever before which has resulted in growing my captive agency to nearly $40 million in premium and 40 team members – all after starting from scratch, without a single customer. It is these results that led me to create RPOA, where we would have the opportunity to create a community and share the exact processes we are using with agencies across the country. You have my personal guarantee that using RPOA in your agency will get you better results than you’ve ever seen before!”

Jeremy Olson,  Agency Owner and RPOA Founder



We bring you three perspectives when curating the scripts that we deliver to you every week.  The Agent, The Coach and The Producer.  This really is what is so unique about what we do here. Your team is learning from REAL agents, in REAL time from staff who are currently in the trenches just... like.. you! Whether you are an agent, a manager, coach, or a producer - you WILL walk away with actionable content to help you close more business, retain more customers and LOVE what you do! 

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Competence leads to confidence! Each week we will take the first few minutes to really focus on the reasons behind the content we are going to teach that day.  This will solidify long-term habits and give your staff the conviction they need to deliver the talk path with confidence!

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The majority of the show will be spent practicing insurance specific talk paths LIVE with actual agency staff.  Real, raw, in the moment practice with people doing exactly what you do every day!

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Participants will receive live coaching during the show from Kristin, the team coach at the Olson Agency and a certified Dale Carnegie Instructor, and Jeremy, our 20+ year insurance agency owner.

Jeremy & Kristin's unique coaching style will have you engaged, learning, and positively having fun!

Check out these clips from our live show! 



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Andy Cline Owner ID

Live is KEY!


We have been using this content for a few months now. This is unlike most coaching content out there. The live aspect is so helpful for staff AND coaches. We all learn something new each week with RPOA!

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Kyle Uhlig, Owner KS

Great product and great processes

I’ve loved working with RPOA. It’s been great for our team to learn the processes and talk paths from a top insurance agency in the country. They just use real talk paths that make sense. Been a great experience!

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Marcy Johnson, Owner WA

Best Team Training

Hands Down the best training out there for your sales team. Real situations, real talk paths that anyone can use. This is a part of our training on a daily basis! Jeremy, Kristin and their team are knowledgeable, caring and top notch

Learn from real agents from across the country!

Our show is made possible by the participation of our members, these are NOT actors... They are real staff, from real agencies across the country. We are committed to building a community of growth minded, passionate agents ready to protect their customers, serve their communities and master their skill set. Join the RPOA family and you too can close more business, retain more customers and LOVE what you do!

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